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May 29, 2006

Revolution in Earth Science, end of the world as we know it, goes unnoticed...

Official end of the world as we know it...

The findings that changed the world as we knew it, were published in the March issue of the journal Geology after two months incubation time, brought to the world by the news agencies: Land Speed Record: Mountain Moves 62 Miles in 30 Minutes.

But why were there no "Revolution in Earth Science, end of the world as we know it" headlines? Here is the answer...

This is a premiere: for the first time, official paleogeology, which is in fact "junk science", with the purpose of selling the illuminati core lie, evolution, tests the audience reaction to a paradigm change. Required because the old paradigm is getting too grotesque and the old lies need an upgrade.

All of a sudden mountain building appears radically different:
- no more measured at mm/year;
- no more the result of plate tectonics.

The speed increases to 124 miles an hour, sustained for a half-hour... That sure is some "serious mountain building".

Mind control mechanisms used to smoothen the paradigm change for mountain building and the link to catastrophism:

- suddenly, after "...250 million years ...." we have a thirty minutes event at a precise location, an exception to the rule ("Heart Mountain")...,
- although there is a hint there are more of them (" isn't the only moveable mountain");
- volcanoes are somehow involved ("lava ... heating both the rock and the water")
- ... but it was basically an uplift ("the tension finally lifted the rock")...
- ... well, a special one ... ("and the mountain began to glide").

- It's up for the average idiot to do the math, i.e. 65 < "50 million years ago"... I got it, no link between "moveable mountains" and "the extinction of the dinosaurs"...
- but the only explicitly mentioned "moveable mountain" today - take it easy, nothing to do with an uplift this time, just another good old "volcanic site", poses a "significant ... risk"...
- since "the Canary Islands could be traveling soon".
- It's up to the average idiot to compute how long is "soon": will it be in just a few million years or will he still have the chance to check if it will set a new "Land Speed Record".

More illuminati sarcasm as they brainwash the sheep:
- the brokeback mountain is "near the Montana-Wyoming border"...
- "thirty minutes" and "suggests the top and the bottom have not always been together" are hints to the cover-up for mountain building for about every single mountain in the Rockies, Andes, Alps, Himalayas, etc. (1)

The purpose of this: setting the stage for the upgrade of their "junk science", required each time it gets too grotesque.

Black is white: Mountains built within minutes take thousands of years to crumble IS mountains continuously rising for millions of years<
Mountain Building, explained worldwide first by Matt Marriott - see discussion "Dinosaurs - the largest cover-up ever in Natural History" --


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