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July 26, 2013

Dinosaurs, mammoths END of AGE SUDDENLY

Dinosaurs, mammoths: END of the AGE came SUDDENLY - undeniable yet censored TRUTH
Updated 2013 with recent examples:
July 26, 2013: PRESERVED DINOSAUR BONE CELLS discovered in Triceratops fossil 2013 (1).
Last Prophet replies:
The mammoths froze within hours at boreal latitudes. 
Some were frozen within seconds, unable to even fall down on the ground, still standing straight up with a mouthful of unchewed grass, like some gruesome ice statues waiting to be buried. They didn't have to wait for long.
They were frozen on spot and then covered by hail and snow, which eventually turned into compact icy sheet, thus preserving them in a giant natural refrigerator for thousands of years afterwards.
All this are now UNDENIABLE FACTS (2)
So why does "Science" continue to teach students all sorts of "facts" that are INCOMPATIBLE with this?
For the same reason that "science" had to create a cover-up for the intact baby Mammoth found in Siberia 2007.
See answser in BASICS link below.
(2) The censored TRUTH survived at the first page of this thread (while it was pinned) for one hour.
"Mammoth with blood in it discovered in Siberia !!"
Poster writes: That thing froze solid in 20 feet of ice in DAYS. How???
Last Prophet's reply (censored): Not in DAYS but in minutes or seconds.
See: Question 3. Evolution Theory Hoax:  Ice Age Theory Hoax - at
The UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media can IMMEDIATELY reveals illuminati TOTAL control
Intact baby Mammoth found in Siberia 2007: Cover-up immediately exposed by Last Prophet and echoed by nobody ever since.

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